How to Manage Waitlist Acceptances After You’ve Already Committed

Say you’ve committed to a college by the May 1st deadline, but you’re still waiting for that one or two waitlist decisions that could turn the tide. Many people have been asking us whether it’s possible to de-commit or retract their SIR in order to recommit and enroll at a school they’ve just been accepted to off the waitlist. The answer is yes, it’s very possible; however, it’s important to follow the correct order of actions to ensure a smooth transition.

Wait As Long As Possible

Before immediately enrolling at the next university, you’ll want to wait until you near the enrollment deadline. This is to give yourself time to coordinate with the current university you’re enrolled for and to give your other waitlisted universities time to release their results as well.

Check the College Website for Withdrawal Instructions

Some colleges have a webpage that specifically outlines instructions on how to withdraw. For example, as UC Davis explains on its website, you can complete your withdrawal before classes start by making the cancellation in your MyAdmissions portal. Be sure to check the university website for specific instructions on how their withdrawal process works.

Write the Admissions Office

Regardless of whether or not there’s a formal procedure in place to withdraw your enrollment, you should write the Admissions Office via email. Notify them of your intention to withdraw, along with your reasoning. Be grateful in your opening and closing statements, and if possible, direct your email to an existing point of contact who’s familiar with you. From our experience, colleges are very understanding and will help you complete your request.

Notify the Next University

After you’ve completed the above two steps, write the Admissions Office of the university to which you plan on enrolling. Let them know that you will be enrolling once you’ve successfully withdrawn from the current university, and again, be grateful in your wording.

Hopefully, this doesn’t happen more than once, but if it does, simply repeat the above steps.

Recap & Conclusion

Feel free to wait until the enrollment deadline to accept a position off the waitlist. If you are planning on withdrawing from the school you are enrolled to, check their college website for a formal withdrawal procedure. Additionally, notify the admissions office to withdraw your enrollment and make sure to provide the reasoning as well. Lastly, notify the school you’re enrolling to that you will accept their offer one you’ve successfully been withdrawn from the previous university.

We hope that this provides some valuable insight into managing waitlist acceptances while making your college application profile even stronger. We specialize in youth mentorship and college counseling. From 8th grade to 12th, we have you covered for any stage in your high school career. Schedule a free consultation with us here.

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