UC Scout: What It Is and How It Can Help You

Any high schooler knows that course selection can be a nightmare, especially when your high school isn’t cooperating with you on what you want. It’s even harder to get the courses you want when you’re struggling in prerequisite courses. For instance, trying to get to an Accelerated Precalculus course with C’s in Algebra II Honors might not work out for you. Thankfully, there is an alternative option for coursework called UC Scout. But what is it? When should you consider taking a course there?

What is UC Scout?

According to UC Scout, its mission is to “reach out to educationally disadvantaged students across the state, raising achievement levels and closing achievement gaps.” However, its program is accessible for all students, disadvantaged or not. Its course offerings include A-G approved courses. Therefore, it’s an excellent way to fill in gaps in your academic profile should your high school not be willing to provide you with a specific course.

Filling Your Gaps with UC Scout

In order to be a competitive candidate for high selective universities nowadays, you need the coursework to back up your Academic Potential. So whether your high school doesn’t offer AP Physics 1 or it has placed you into Geometry Common Core rather than your desired Algebra course, you can use UC Scout to take courses that your high school isn’t providing you. 

Common use cases arise for prospective Engineering majors. For example, many students are placed into a math pathway that leads up to Precalculus in the 12th grade. On the other hand, some of their peers are on track to completing Calculus by then. In order for said student to compensate for the competitive disadvantage, it would be wise to consider enrolling in a UC Scout On Demand course for AP Calculus AB. Separately, Engineering majors typically don’t get the chance to take AP Physics until their 12th grade. This prevents students from demonstrating their physics aptitude prior to submitting their college applications. Hence, for students who are looking to demonstrate such aptitude before college applications are submitted, UC Scout can prove useful in filling this educational, major-oriented gap. Find more information here about what classes are important to take, as well as get A’s in, for which major.

Using the above use cases as examples, one can apply UC Scout to fill educational gaps in high school curriculum for any major.

A Final Word of Caution

Like all outside coursework, UC Scout will only help you if you get an A in the classes you take. Hence, it’s worth preparing early for said courses in order to maximize your chances of getting an A. Lastly, we recommend students take UC Scout, and any outside coursework, during the summer when school has ended. Juggling six academic subjects is already hard enough, and the last thing you want is to burn out and underperform in all your classes, UC Scout included.

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