How Do I Study for Standardized Tests

How Do I Study for Standardized Tests?

Has anyone ever said they’re excited to take the Standardized Tests or SAT? If so, that person is crazy because the pressure amongst students is insane here in the Bay.  No matter what major you’re interested in, your test score matters and you’ve almost certainly wondered, “What is the best way to prepare for the SAT?”

There are many ways to prepare a student for the SAT including:

  • Self-Study

  • Tutors

  • Classes

For a highly self-motivated individual, self-studying may be the best option. Platforms like Khan Academy and Magoosh can help, and they don’t cost much. But…it takes discipline. You’ll need to set SMART (specific, measurable, assignable, relevant, and time-based) goals, take practice tests in a simulated test environment, and study frequently. However, most high schoolers are not this self-motivated 🙂

Next, you have Tutored. They can keep you motivated and hold you accountable. Another major perk of using a tutor is that they provide individualized explanations for your errors. However, not all tutors are equipped with SAT specific knowledge (even though they claim to help here), so the quality is hit or miss.

Lastly, there are SAT classes seemingly everywhere nowadays (Elite and Excel to name a few). They are popular because they follow a very traditional, rote style of learning: you go in, take a test, review the answers, and repeat. While some students may benefit, such boot camps can be long and arduous, and not always effective. In fact, national research shows that the average point gain from such classes is only 40 points. For that kind of money and an entire summer’s worth of time, you would expect more.

Based on our research, we think the best way to study for the SAT is to study your mistakes. Too many students spend time reviewing the problems they missed without reviewing the underlying concepts. Since you’ll never see the same problem ever again, the only way to prevent future errors is to gain a better foundation of knowledge — be it understanding how mathematical proportions work or even how to use commas effectively. If you’re interested in learning more about how we train students in a more efficient and better way, feel free to email hello@readyedgego.com. Our Cake SAT Program saves you time and money, so that you can spend your summer actually doing things, and sleeping.

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