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What is GoPath for Highschoolers?

GoPath, the world’s first platform that helps students understand their profile the same way colleges do.

Using a holistic approach to the college application process, GoPath is the platform to provide you with-

  • Ratings along the same factors used by college admissions in the United States
  • Help plan and guide students to stay on track and optimize their portfolio
  • Keep parents informed about their child’s monthly progress

GoPath is a revolutionary student planner and college admissions portal for tracking and optimizing your high school portfolio.

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Key Benefits for GoPath, the College Admission Portal

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses in the 7 “well-rounded” categories that you need in order to boost your chances of admission
  • Track your total points and get guidance on how you rank for different universities
  • Monitor and share your interactive transcript that can hold all your academic records and your qualitative attributes
  • Book and take meetings right on the platform (*GoMentor and GoCollege students only)
  • A fully-featured task management system that comes pre-populated with Tasks based on your grade and interest
  • Built-in profile score lets you monitor progress to reach your goals on a point system driven by your achievements, mentor notes, and academic qualification
  • Integrated learning center with exclusive member-only access to videos, to-do lists, college prep material, and more tips and tricks

GoPath Testimonials

ReadyEdgeGo Students – Aayush

ReadyEdgeGo Students – David Hong

ReadyEdgeGo Students – Samridh

ReadyEdgeGo Students – Praneel Singla

Why GoPath?

GoPath is designed to improve your chances of getting accepted to your best college options. By personalizing tasks and opportunities by grade and interest, GoPath facilitates the high school experience to be simple, easy, and effective.

  • Roadmap

    Track your

    • College Interests
    • Grades
    • AP Exams
    • ACT
    • SAT
    • Activities
    • Service Hours

  • Task Management

    • Pre-populated lists based on your interest
    • Manage your projects as much as you’d like

  • Mentor – Reviewed Student Profile Rating Evaluation

    • After you fill in your roadmap, one of our trained and qualified mentors will review your profile and assign a score so you can see how you rank relative to your potential and goals

  • Take and Manage Notes

    • Take meeting notes and also add any details you require

  • Integrated Video Meeting Platform

    • Meet with all of your mentors right on the platform without opening another program

  • Learning Center

    • Learning Center with helpful tips and tricks about what to focus on in high school and as you’re applying to college

Understanding GoPath - The College Admissions Roadmap Portal

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