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The most personalized and proven college counseling approach in the world.

Simply the best.

Our unique combination of career experience, college admissions training, and lifelong commitment to students allows us to relate and produce incredible results.


Simply put: we love what we do. In fact, we wouldn’t have left our jobs at Google and Wall Street unless this really mattered to us.


We know what it’s like being a student. We are all unique. Hence, we build relationships with balance and individuality in mind.



Our team consists of experts in college admissions and career planning. We are  all capable communicators and educators.

Talk of the Town

Unlike other college mentorship services, ReadyEdgeGo makes it a point to provide a high level of individual attention.

Vinay, UC Berkeley CS

Alex @Penn

"I thought I was doing well until I found ReadyEdgeGo. Their guidance during writing the numerous essays was invaluable."

Tanvi @Michigan

"ReadyEdgeGo was always ready to answer any questions I had. With their guidance, I was accepted into my target universities."

Rohan @Indiana

"ReadyEdgeGo has been wonderful in helping me not only find what I wanted to do, but also in helping me get there."

Julian @Davis

"Because of ReadyEdgeGo, I was accepted to my target university. Even after entering college, you will have lasting friendships."


We are revolutionizing college counseling and education. One student at a time.

Our services

college-bound mentorship

For Grades 8+ (including Transfer Students)

We start with a personalized and comprehensive plan that covers academics and activities. Then, we meet regularly 1:1 to notify a student of upcoming opportunities and to ensure a student remains on track towards his or her best colleges.

College Apps Programs

For Grades 11+ (including Transfer Students) 

Join the nation’s top students in our most renowned 1:1 program. You’ll learn how to write phenomenal college essays after getting a personalized college list and guidance on everything related to the application process.

Instruction & SAT Training

For ALL Students

We provide 1:1 tutoring for all subjects. In addition, we provide a fresh take approach for SAT and ACT training known as the REG Method. Our students see better results than boot camps, 10x faster!


Learn what makes us different, and discover the secrets towards college.


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